Default Cube v0.2

Way less. In way more time.

Discover the robust gamedev solution that is the Default Cube. Built from the ground-up to not support React, not support memory leaks, and also not support other things.

Outstanding features beyond science.

• Works on Android, iOS, and Web (if available, also multi-touch.)
• Absolutely painless workflow - transforming Blender into an actual game engine.
• Convert Blender files into playable prototypes literally within a hours.
• Dynamic team and free office fruits on Thursdays.
• 100% focused on making gamedev as easy as possible.
• Seamless interaction controls. This one is actually pretty cool - you can change cameras on the fly, follow characters without a million lines of code, all the cool stuff.
• Support for ads and IAPs, because money.

Hard things that Default Cube may make less hard.

• Three.js animations. Never worry about implementing blending - just play the animations.
• Audio system. Howler API ensures as wide platform support as it gets.
• Culling WebGL memory leaks. Or any kind of memory leaks for that matter.
• Scene, state, and asset management. No more manual disposals, just load that glTF and live a carefree life.
• Multi-touch and pan gestures.
• Collisions and AI.
• UI rendering.