registerBehaviour ()


Stores an AI decision making callback. callback is called without any arguments and should return an AI decision based on object position, surroundings, and state. See AI.

getAiBehaviour ()


Retrieves AI decision for the current object state. Returns decision based on registerBehaviour callback.

hasTargetNode ()


Returns true if object currently has a target aiNode.

Returns true if object has nodes left in their path. If target node is not defined, but path exists - first node in the path is automatically assigned as the target node. See findPathToTargetNode.

See aiNode in Custom Properties List.

setTargetNode ()


Sets node as a current target node.

getTargetNode ()


Returns current target node.

getDistanceToTargetNode ()


Returns vector distance to the current target node. 0.0 if no node is assigned.

getGroundAngleToTargetNode ()


Returns angle on XZ plane to the target node. 0.0 if no node is assigned.

findPathToTargetNode ()


Find a shortest path to the currently set target node.

If path exists - target node is replaced with the first node of the path.

Note: To make pathfinding work flawlessly, consider turning PhysicsWrapper.enableNoClip() on when traveling along the path. Path nodes can be perfectly aligned with navmesh corners - which may at times be considered outside of the navmesh.

See AI.

getPathLength ()


Returns amount of nodes left in the path. See findPathToTargetNode.

See AI.