II: Camera

Default Cube vs Three.js Camera

While Three.js allows you to use multiple cameras on the scene, Default Cube uses always only a single camera.

That camera can dynamically switch and tween between positions and orientations. It can also follow objects around the game world.

Switching Cameras

Cameras are defined per-view. You can define any object to act as a camera using a custom property:

camera: [cameraId]

When the scene is loaded, you can then find cameras using the CameraService:

  target: sceneModel,
  onCreate: () => {
    const cameraById = CameraService.getCamera('exampleCameraId');

      true // NOTE You can either smoothly float or instantly jump to the next camera

Following Objects

You can ask the CameraService to follow a specific object in the game - and keep a certain distance using a pivot.

CameraService.followPivotPosition.set(0.0, 2.0, 2.0);

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