Active Issues

Some or all of the things below may or may not be 100% working / are inconsistent / missing documentation.

[AssetsService] Rename getImage to getTexture

Since there’s already cloneTexture, and game info uses textures field, there seems to be no reason for using an alternative name.

[General] Uniform axes

Make sure axes exported from Blender are the same as three axes (Z-forward.)

[AiService] Geometry AI nodes

For more complex AI nets separate geometry nodes lack “networking” factor. aiNodeConnection seems like an overkill of an attribute. Allow using any mesh as an aiNodeMesh - then generate aiNodes and connections between them based on that geometry faces.

[AudioService] AudioMapping

Allow surfaces to make specific noises when interacted with (ex. metal boink when a character walks on a metal bridge.) Should work similarly to navmaps, with hue defining the correct audio.

[Utils] Replacement should inherit original transforms

When replacing objects with replacePlaceholder, original transforms should be moved to the new object (to keep the orientation from Blender file.)

[RenderService] Add pre-compile helper

Allow precompilling all scene materials with a helper method in RenderService.

[AssetsService] Improve raycasting by using BVH

Add three-mesh-bvh as a default handler for raycasting.

[SceneService] setBackgroundImage and setBackground naming

setBackgroundImage and setBackground seem to have exactly opposite meanings than their names. Double-check and rename properly.