setVar ()

setVar(key, value)

Sets a system variable.

getVar ()

getVar(key, onUpdate, onCreate)

Returns system variable value immediately.

onUpdate is called immediately, and on each update of the variable, with variable value. onCreate is called immediately with a change listener reference.

removeVar ()


Removes a system variable and its listeners.

registerPersistentVar ()

registerPersistentVar(id, defaultValue)

Registers a system variable as persistent. Persistent variables are automatically saved locally when changed.

If variable was not saved locally earlier, defaultValue is assigned.

resolveVar ()

resolveVar(variableString, onResolve, onCreate)

Resolve :variable: notation.

If variableString is not a valid variable notation - onResolve is called with variableString.

If variableString is a valid variable notation - onResolve acts as onUpdate in VarService.getVar. Additionally, onCreate then also acts as onCreate in VarService.getVar.